ABOUT Heather

I work with, listen to and honor the sacred, the unseen and the benevolent energies that hold us. I strive to capture spirit and the bright light in all beings. Though I believe ceremony and ritual are sacred and should not be documented, I do feel there are ways to work with those foundations in a respectful manner, and to honor them through the gift of photography.

I'm interested in documenting your special day, your special space, your special connections, and your special gifts. I ask you, "What are you offering this world and how may I shine light on it?"

I am in service to creating a more humane pathway forward by striving to inspire the spirit, mindfulness, dignity, interconnection, self care and shining light on the stories behind the people spreading their knowledge and passion about these topics.

Along with photography, I also have a degree in alternative and holistic wellness, I am a Reiki practitioner, a cook specializing in food sensitivities and allergies, study sound healing, herbalism and wild crafting. In short, I'm interested in all aspects of holistic living, making them accessible and easily understood.

  • I love connecting with people / places and giving them a voice.

  • I want to shine light on dark places. On compassion. On truth.

  • Social justice is my foundation.

  • Holistic values are my core.

  • Interconnection is my belief system.